Wellesley Choir Visiting Our Area in March of 2017 - Request for hosts

Would you be willing to host a student or two, March 25 - April 1

The club was contacted by Emma Thibault, the Tour Manager for the Wellesley College Choir, which will be visiting our area March 25-April 1 in 2017.  She asked if we could arrange home stays for roughly 45 choir members with alumnae in the area for those nights.  The choir will be sorted into pairs of roommates for the trip so the choir usually asks alumnae to accommodate 2 or more people.            

The choir arranges a time and place for choir members to meet their alumnae hosts and to be dropped off in the morning. For those hosts who cannot make it to those times, the choir can make individual arrangements for choir members to take public transit or use a ride sharing app (like Uber or Lyft).  Hostesses are expected to provide breakfast, but the choir will have been provided dinner.

The Wellesley College Choir is beginning thier spring semester and securing more details of our spring break tour.

Please direct all correspondence to Emma Thibault (ethibault@wellesley.edu) the choir tour manager.

Here is the most up-to-date tour schedule. The Choir is hoping to arrange the following homestays:
  1. Philadelphia, one night (March 25th)
  2. Central NJ (near Princeton), two nights, (March 27th, March 28th)
  3. NYC and Northern NJ (March 29th, March 30th, March 31st)
Wellesley Choir Tour Schedule (as of Feb. 5)


  • Saturday, March 25th- Concert in Philadelphia w/ Penn Sirens, Venue tba
  • Sunday, March 26th- Central Bucks High School/Doylestown evening performance 
  • Monday, March 27th, from 6:15-8:30 PM.  Princeton Girl Choir Collab. Venue tba
  • Tuesday, March 28th  7:30? (tba) Trinity Church, Princeton University
  • Wednesday, March 29th 8 PM  Merkin Concert Hall, NYC
  • Thursday, March 30th- 7:30? Brooklyn, Zion Lutheran Church
  • Friday, March 31st- Volunteer for Hour Children, 10-3 PM Evening Free

So, please consider hosting our students and watch for announcements as we get this effort organized.

Please contact Emma Thibault ethibault@wellesley.edu or (413-336-0366) for more details